Family Camp, 3-5 October 2008

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Click here for a video presentation by Fr Themi on serving the poor in Africa (2:37 mins, 2.92 MB)


Click here for an account by teenager Elie Rizk


Click here for an account by parent Ihab Banna

The youngest group in a session in the fruits of the Spirit - leader: Nathalie.
Adults learning about Fr Themi's mission in Sierra Leone
Session on raising children with Fr John and Kh. Lyn D'Alton
The children with Fr Dimitri
Left to right: Fr Themi, Fr Dimitri and Fr John.
Rita, Terri and Marguerite preparing a delicious meal
Not your typical camp fare
Buns for burgers!
Relaxing during free time
Bassam flipping the burger patties - fans urging him on.
Hanging out for a feed - prayer sheets on the ready.
Left to right: Lauren, Marina and Mary (aka the three musketeers)
Games in the afternoon
Tug of war - the adults won!
Divine Liturgy - Little Entrance
Divine Liturgy - young worshippers
Divine Liturgy - Holy Communion
Even more food.
Peter marshalling the children to serve dessert
Relaxing activity for a group of young adults.
Fr John and Kh. Lyn leading a study
Lively conversation over, you guessed it, food!
Athletic boys on the trampoline


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