Major feasts of the Orthodox Church


A selection of major feasts is here illustrated with icons from the walls of St Nicholas.

January 6 Theophany / Epiphany : When our Lord was baptised in the river Jordan, the Holy Trinity was revealed.
February 2 The Presentation of our Lord to the Temple in Jerusalem.
March 25 Annunciation to the Mother of God: The archangel Gabriel greeted Mary and announced to her that she will bear a son who will be the saviour of all.  
April / May Pascha: The feast of the resurrection of our Lord from the dead. The icon is called "descent into hades", showing Jesus descending into the place of the dead and raising up those who lied in it. Under his feat are the doors and locks of the tombs.
40 days after Easter The Ascension: Jesus appeared to his disciples being raised (in the body) to heaven.
50 days after Easter Pentecost: the disciples of Jesus were assembled when the Holy Spirit came upon them, as Jesus had promised.  
August 6 The Transfiguration: Christ took Peter, John and James to Mount Tabor and there showed them his glory.  
August 15 The Dormition of the Mother of God: Christ is pictured in the icon receiving the soul of his mother. Mary's soul is shown as an infant.
September 8 The Nativity of the Mother of God: Joachim and Anna, being old and childless, received a daughter who would grow up to be called blessed by all.
September 14 Exaltation of the Holy and life-giving Cross of Christ.  
December 25 The Nativity of our Lord (Christmas): We commemorate the incarnation of the pre-eternal Son of God. God accepted to become a human being for our salvation.



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